Land That I Love QBOM #8- April

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Land That I Love QBOM #8- April
Bad Lands National Park, South Dakota

This 244,000 acre Park possesses dramatic landscapes of layered rock formations, steep canyons and towering spires. Some of its most valuable history lies beneath the ground as the Bad Lands contain some of the world’s richest fossil beds.
Because this was once a Flat Flood Plain, the area has been ravaged by wind and water, eroding the land to reveal the beauty and wonder of the layers of colorful stone and sand. Hues of purple and yellow shale, tan and grey sand and gravel, orange and red iron oxides and white volcanic ash have all been revealed through the long and violent effects of water and wind. Simple and amazing at the same time is the wonder and beauty of the Bad Lands.
The National Park also offers a phenomenal view of the night sky and more specifically of the Milky Way Galaxy. Thousands of stars can be seen on a clear night, along with plants, moons and star clusters.
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