Land That I Love QBOM #7- March

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Land That I Love QBOM #7- March
Theodore Roosevelt National Park, North Dakota

Theodore Roosevelt did so much for Conservation in the United States it is not at all surprising that he should have a National Park named in his honor. And even more appropriate that the Park should be located in North Dakota where Roosevelt’s personal experience piqued and strengthened his love and concern for the natural beauty of his Country.
Today, Interstate 94 cuts across the Park, but even from the road the amazing color and formations of the Painted Canyon can be appreciated. A terrain of many different colors and densities of rock and along with the help of the Missouri River, have created a landscape that is breathtaking and distinctive.
At over 70,000 acres, the Park boasts a wide variety of landscapes from the Painted Canyon to the Great Plains. Roosevelt himself said of the unique landscape of western North Dakota, that the “lands grade all the way from those that are almost rolling in character to those that are so fantastically broken in form and so bizarre in color as to seem hardly properly to belong to this earth."
He purchased a part ownership in the Maltese Cross Ranch, which is now part of the National Park, along with the original cabin built in 1883 where Roosevelt lived and can still be toured today.
According to the National Park Service, in the eight years of his presidency (1901-1909) Roosevelt protected 230 million acres of public land through the establishment of four national game preserves, five national parks, eighteen national monuments, 51 federal bird reserves, and 150 national forests.
This Park is worth visiting for its own beauty, but also for the immense contribution to the entire Park system by its name sake.

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