Land That I Love QBOM #3- November

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Land That I Love QBOM #3- November
Valley Forget National Park, Pennsylvania

Composed of approximately 3500 acres, Valley Forge is both a natural Park and historical park. But 240 years ago, it was a desolate and unforgiving landscape. It was here that this Nation was truly formed. Although nothing actually “happened” at Valley Forge-there were no battles, no documents signed, no acts of treason or valor-it was here that a deciding factor in the outcome of the Revolutionary War was shaped. If Saratoga was the turning battle of the Revolutionary War; Valley Forge was the turning event of the war, because it was, in essence, the transformation of the Continental Army into the actual Army of a fledgling nation. It was the bravery of the men, the fortitude of General Washington and the knowledge and military experience of one Prussian Baron Von Steuben to mold the men into the shape of a fighting, organized military army.
The National Park consists of about 20 miles of hiking trails which lead to many of the historic sites or monuments which make up the Park. The National Memorial Arch commemorates Washington’s entrance into Valley Forge in the winter of 1777. Another trail leads to the Isaac Potts house, the old brick structure in which Washington lived during the Valley Forge Encampment. A large statue commemorates Von Steuben’s contributions the War effort.
Today Valley Forge is an oasis of history and wildlife, in the midst of huge residential, commercial and industrial developments of Montgomery and Chester counties of Pennsylvania.
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