Land That I Love QBOM #11- July

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Land That I Love QBOM #11- July
Great Basin National Park

Just over 77,000 acres make up the Great Basin national Park. Located between the Sierra Nevada and Wasatch Mountains, this extremely dry region is one of the most remote and least visited of the National Parks.
The central Nevada Park is unique in that, where most water ways make their winding, meandering way to the ocean at some point; all the water in this region drain- not toward any ocean-but rather drain inward to the center of the “Basin”. This park has 60 miles of trails for visitors to experience the solitude of the dessert, the smell of sagebrush, and perhaps see a herd of mountain sheep or perhaps some elk. The Park is also home to many mountain streams which are full of trout, and hence also fly fisher-men...and occasionally a fishing-bear.
Some of the scenes require a drive, as the Wheeler Peak Scenic Drive which is a windy mountain road 12 miles long, with panoramic views and amazing scenery to be admired…if you aren’t the one driving. Great Basin National Park is also home to the Bristlecone pine trees, considered by scientist to be the oldest growing trees in the world.
The wonders of this Park do not stop on the surface. Beneath the ground the Lehman Caves are another intriguing natural wonder. Named after Absalom Lehman-a settler of the late 19th century-the caves have fantastic examples of stalactites, columns flowstone, helicities, and rare shield formations.
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